don lennon

Latest effort: Nick and Mary


In the spring of 1997, The Umpteens, a little-known but much-beloved rock group from Boston, broke up mid-performance at a local University. That summer, their front man recorded a collection of songs he'd written over the previous four years. These recordings became the cult-classic debut album Maniac, which introduced the world to the unique vision of Don Lennon.

Since then he has steadily released a string of quietly influential records featuring a revolving cast of guest musicians: his loosely autobiographical self-titled sophomore release, the culture-critiquing Downtown, his genre-defining Routine, the inquisitive Radical, and his latest installment, the epic double album Nick and Mary.

Widely recognized as one of the most original artists working today, Lennon's razor-sharp wit, knack for hooks and uncanny ability to seamlessly blend the mundane and the sublime have earned him a devoted following. Whether through word of mouth, mysteriously circulating cassettes or the occasional live performance, listeners continue to do what many have done already...

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